Belarus Women Protesters Detained

Protecting Rights, Saving Lives

‘White protests’ led by women wearing white carrying flowers unfold across the country. Many of our women have been overwhelmed by the police, others are nonetheless ready for his or her nearest and dearest to be launch from jail.

Some of the ladies protesters chanted “Bring again our Masha,” referring to Kolesnikova, while others beat saucepans. But the final wave of the female revolution followed the brutal crackdown on the peaceful post-election protests when Lukashenka was declared president for the sixth time.

On Saturday, police cracked down sharply on a women’s protest march, arresting nearly four hundred people, according to Belarusian human rights organization Viasna. On August 9, 2020, Belarus, a submit-socialist nation of nine and a half million, held presidential elections. After polling stations had closed, and Alexander Lukashenko, the president for the last twenty-six years, introduced his victory with 80% of votes, folks took to the streets. They have been protesting ever since, despite beatings by riot police, arrests, and even torture, demanding truthful elections and the discharge of all political prisoners.

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Staring down a masked man with a rifle, standing alongside dozens of other women all linking arms in solidarity, Anastasiya Antoniuk was prepared to be taken to jail. Speaking with reporters in Berlin Wednesday after assembly with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, Ms. Tikhanovskaya said the position women have performed in the uprising was as decided because it was surprising. Beating unarmed women publicly risked embarrassing the law enforcement apparatus and opening up officers not only to public condemnation but maybe even punishment by their superiors. “He got used to coping with men by means of bullying and boorishness, however this didn’t work with women,” Mr. Chaly stated.

Law enforcement officers direct demonstrators during a women’s rally in opposition to police brutality following protests to reject the presidential election leads to Minsk, Belarus September 12, 2020. On 13 and 15 August, women have been the first to take to the streets, protesting towards Lukashenko’s claims to have gained the presidential elections. Thousands of protesters had been arrested, and the pictures of tortured and crushed prisoners introduced women to the streets to protest against police terror. Strikes in lots of state-owned factories adopted the peaceable protests.

But whether or not the protest movement succeeds in ousting Mr. Lukashenko, it has already shattered deeply entrenched gender stereotypes constructed up over generations.

According to a local human rights group, no less than 216 people had been detained by police. The demonstrations have been triggered by official election results giving President Alexander Lukashenko 80% of the vote in an August election the opposition insists was rigged. Lukashenko has accused the United States and its allies of fomenting unrest. The women who marched Saturday in Minsk carried umbrellas in the white and red colors of the opposition flag. They additionally held placards stating their professions to underline widespread opposition to Lukashenko’s 26-year rule.

Masked Men Detain Female Protesters In Belarus

Belarusian women with umbrellas in the colours of the old Belarusian nationwide flag participate in an opposition rally to protest the official presidential election leads to Minsk, Belarus, Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020. Several hundred women have marched under article source heavy rain throughout the Belarusian capital to demand the resignation of the nation’s authoritarian president.

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Despite that us, Belarusian women stand ready to continue our peaceful battle for freedom because we know now that no one can take our energy from us anymore. The photographs of the violent police repression present that girls have not been spared.

During the presidential campaign, Amnesty international denounced the Belarusian authorities for concentrating on women activists and relations of political opposition representatives. The night time of the alleged re-election of the dictator, women protesters were arrested and there were reports of rape of female prisoners. The move comes after police appeared to make use of stun grenades on protesters in Minsk yesterday—the 11th successive Sunday that protests have rocked the capital.

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Belarusian women are the driving pressure of the motion to topple the leader of Belarus. But it is perhaps Mr. Lukashenko himself who, inadvertently, has carried out more than anybody to advance the cause of feminism. Casting himself as a basic Slavic “muzhik,” or real man, Mr. Lukashenko has sneered at women with such abandon that he has turn into a caricature of boorish misogyny and a simple target for assault.

Belarusian authorities shed the blood of our residents, thousands stay in jail, and testimonies of those who have been launched are horrifying. Belarusian women united once more to defend all those who have suffered and who’re still combating for their rights.